Here you can read feedback from our patients and clients.


After working with Gabi for about 2 months now she has got me to a point of my recovery none of my previous physio reached over the previous 10 years I know I will be able to walk again unaided I realise this will not be a overnight process and will require a lot of further hard work

Hi „Great progress continues to be made with Gabi. My sister is so grateful to you all, and has asked that I pass this on to you. Gabi has many useful techniques for getting the frozen body back into action again. Margaret has been taking steps - and very much enjoying her new found abilities. She's not completely there yet, but is slowly learning how to move again.

Gabi is a tower of strength. The woman has loads of energy and just won't take 'no' or 'can't' or 'let's do it next time' for an answer ! At the moment she is the one ray of hope in my sister's life and we are most grateful for it.

Very many thanks
Mary G. „

Gabriella (Gabi) Pasztor was introduced via Stroke Solutions (ARNI) when the family were looking for a neuro-physiotherapist and massage therapist for someone who has a rare condition that affects the brain and their mobility to the extent that they are totally sedentary.   The patient also, after a period in hospital, was unable to straighten their legs.

Gabi has been working with the patient for 10 weeks. In that time she has got to know the family and the patient in equal measure, being careful to understand the medical condition in order to determine the degree and type of physiotherapy needed.  She is careful to explain things to the family and advise how they can help the patient through easy to follow exercise and massage therapy instructions.

Gabi is professional and highly skilled, and able to adapt the treatment regime to the situation.  She is not phased by the complexity of the condition and in the short space of time the patient has shown improvement.

The family would wholeheartedly recommend Gabi to support other patient’s recovery; even for highly complex conditions and situations.  


Gabbi, is fantastic physio who has helped improve my mobility vastly. She has a great understanding and positive attitude in each and every session. With the support of ARNI and Gabbi's excellent sessions, I feel that my physical and mental condition is more positive and I am improving daily.

What I tend to like is that each and every session is different but builds on what I have previously learnt / improved. For my family and I, we feel that Gabbi and Arni Institute is worth every penny spent! I look forward to continuing my rehabilitation with Gabbi and Arni Institute.

I had a stroke which affected my left side. For three years I have been unable to walk Then I was introduced to Gabi about 4 months ago walked outside with Gabi for the first time Now I think about getting my life back. Gabi is amazing and God blessed The day she came into my life.
Thank you


Hi My names hassan, several years ago i suffered from a viral infection which rendered me completely paralysed, from the neck down. A friend recommended Gabi to me, I've only seen her several times over the last 6 weeks, and shes helped me make significant progress. Im currently in the process of abandoning one of the two elbow crutches i currently use to aid me walk. She also helped me get rid of the need to use ankle supports. Her knowledge in rehabilitation exercises and techniques are evidently the best i come across. With over 30 years of experience and a warm and welcoming smile, shes a real star.

Gabi is terrific at what she does. She takes the time to fully assess a patient’s problems and discusses the available options in a way that is easy to understand. I don’t know how she does what she does - and as I am not a physician I probably never will – but what she does is fantastic. The results say it all. The pain and discomfort that I was experiencing has massively changed and I now have a much improved level of mobility and balance.

Above all, Gabi has complete faith in her own ability and in the prospect of a patient’s full recovery. This has a powerful effect on someone with a physical or neurological problem.

When we are in our darkest moments, we all need someone like Gabi.

Hi, Gabi! Here it is......

I have known Gabriella Pasztor for approximately six months.  She is a fully qualified A.R.N.I Trainer(Action for the Recovery from Neurological Injury) and Alternative Therapist and, since suffering a stroke, has been helping me with my functional rehabilitation on a weekly basis. Gabriella is a consummate professional at all times and prepares fully for every therapy session. She is passionate about her work and this is reflected in the level of care,consideration and respect that she affords me during every session. Gabriella always gives one hundred percent of herself from start to finish of every session and, as her client, I am always the absolute priority. She is dedicated,honourable, sincere, knowledgable, utterly focused, diligent, enthusiastic, a joy to work with and a warm, kind and genuinely lovely person. With Gabriella as my trainer and therapist, my progress in the last six months has been nothing short of amazing; she really does understand stroke recovery.I have returned to work as a Teaching Assistant;I am able to walk and the functional ability of my arm and hand improves every day. I cannot recommend Gabriella highly enough.

Hello Dr Balchin

    I thought you might like a short progress report.
    Dave has now had about 7 sessions with Gabi.  We are very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and sense of humour.  He is making remarkable progress.  Considering he could barely walk when he left hospital at the beginning of December, he can now walk independently without a stick (only used in circumstances to warn other people not to bump into him).  He also has more movement in his left hand and is able to grip objects and he can raise his left arm almost behind his head.  He is not driving yet but that is one of his goals and Gabby is helping to achieve that by targeting the exercises in such a way that it strengthens the muscles that have become so weak.  He can now kneel and get up unaided and yesterday he was able to get up off a chair without bending to the right ( a small thing in itself but very significant for him).  Gabby is so encouraging and Dave looks forward to the weekly visits.  We are certainly glad we have found her.   regards   Norma Mason

Gabi is an outstanding neuro specialist. Her clinical skills are advanced and her approach - professional. Highly recommended.Top class physiotherapist and very experienced trainer./ Monroe Medical Lead Physiotherapist./

I first met Gabi towards the end of September 2015, after being in hospital for almost 6 months. Even though I hadn’t had a stroke, I was recommended ARNI for physiotherapy rehabilitation. Spending the previous six months, laying in bed with hardly any physio, meeting Gabi was a breath of fresh air. From the very start she has given me confidence and hope, and had me on my feet from the very first session! Her knowledge of medical matters is vast, and this coupled with her infectious confidence made me feel better from the beginning. Gabi is much more than a physical therapist, she is interested in your whole well being and has recommended and carried out many complimentary therapies. What Gabi has given me and my family is immeasurable. I look forward to her visits (even though it’s hard work!) and thanks to Gabi, I look forward to the future with hope. Jackie

I had a severe stroke in February 2012 caused by a bleed on the brain. I spent about 2 weeks in a coma and as a result I lost the use my left leg and arm. I was in Hospital for 5 months before discharge. In many respects I have been very lucky in that having spent 37 years in a Cavalry Regiment of the British Army and also volunteered and spent 3 years serving as a paratrooper with the airborne forces. So I have been reasonably fit and active all my life. This has all helped to give me a fairly robust view to adversity and a stronger mental approach towards what life can throw one’s way. To this must be added the invaluable help and encouragement given to me by my wife Elizabeth and family who have thought laterally to get round problems where and when they have cropped up. In July 2014 a friend who had also had a stroke introduced me to Gabi and ARNI, for which I shall be forever grateful!! On my first meeting Gabi instantly gave me encouragement that my progress had not plateaued and has astonished me by the simplest changes that have made such a difference. With her depth of knowledge and skill and encouragement, my confidence and abilities have grown. She has been able to push me further over the last year, and that, and the many progressive exercises she has shown me, are helping me enormously. I am much stronger and more confident in my ability do things which others do as a matter of course. Such as going up and down awkward steps that have no handrails and going into strange environments, and even being able to get up from the floor! Most people also remark as to how well I look and seem. In summary, my year spent with Gaby has left me far better prepared to face life’s challenges. The exercises I have been given have been progressively made more challenging so that I feel that I can continue to achieve more generally. John

As a stroke survivor of 4 years with left-sided hemiplegia in both my upper & lower limbs! I approached ARNI for help in March 2014. In my particular circumstances post-hospital NHS & private therapy, although extremely useful at the time, had failed to deliver the required level of improvement that I had expected. ARNI were very easy to contact (in my case, via email) & they were very efficient in matching me with a locally-based professional instructor. My instructor, Gabriella, made me feel very welcome & relaxed on our first session & although she was very thorough in assessing my specific requirements the induction process was far from arduous. Once accepted as a client I arranged to attend weekly 1 hour therapy sessions. My wife has been made more than welcome to sit in on all of my sessions & has been positively encouraged to provide input & feedback. This has been a massive help for me & ultimately very informative for my wife who now feels better equipped to support my specific rehabilitation requirements outside of the therapy clinic. My instructor, Gabriella has been able to explain everything about the ARNI methodology in terms that I find easy to understand & together we feel that I have made significant progress. Importantly I have had a big input into defining my own achievable goals & aspirations. I particularly appreciate the fact that my instructor wants me to improve & achieve my goals just as much as I do. It feels like we have developed a partnership for success. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend ARNI to any stroke survivor with physical rehabilitation needs & I feel very lucky to have been looked after in such a professional & dignified manner. David Carter

Amazing Gaby Dear Tom,
It has been such a long time since we have seen you. How do we ever thank you for introducing us to Gabi.  She has totally gone above and beyond in every session. If we had listened to the doctors David would of still been in a wheel chair with no movement in his left side but thanks to ARNI, Gabi and Beth David is now walking (not just around house but really walking around parks even using public transport!!!) and David has major movement in his left arm.  The other day we stopped in park for coffee and in one hand David had a coffee the other he was eating a biscuit with his bad arm while standing!!!!!  Wow I was blown away to be honest I screamed as he just did all this naturally like other people take for granted!!!!  But for a stroke survivor this is major independence which is all David asked for and you have given this precious gift to him. David is a Doctor so when all the best most expensive doctors said when he was in a wheelchair with no movement in his left arm hand at all said this is the best he can get.  David beloved it.  But thanks to Google you appeared at 3am after many many late nights search for help on the net!!!!!  And now he is standing, sipping coffee and nibbling on a biscuit all at once!!!!  What else can you ask for!!!  Anyway the point is Doctors see the problems ARNI see so much potential for improvement!!!!  Ypu never promised us anything which I do appreciated. Gabi has been working with David for 4 months and wow her positivity and dedication I think is stronger than mine!!!!  Her belief in David is of such respect and kindness but oh she gets him doing extra exercise and he does not even know it!!!!  Gabi has got me also joining in the sessions which had been so good as it is the closest people who also need a little left too.  Gabi every session brings a new tool or something to try she never turns up without her huge smile and huge amount of positivity. I can not thank you enough Tom and Gabi for all you do for my husband but what you have done for me, our children, our families and friends.  As you have given David independence which improves yes him but improves all of our lives the people that love David. I would love to meet when you have time as I have a few crazy ideas for ypu to think about!!!!!  Check out 'thenofycoach'. All my best, Mandy

Hi Tom
I thought that you may like some feedback regarding my treatment. I am starting to feel the benefit already although there's a long way to go yet! Having a lot of fun with Gabi during my therapy sessions & discovering muscles I didn't even knew existed. In short, I'm very happy with the way things are progressing so far & I am very hopeful that my continued treatment will produce long-lasting benefits in the very near future. Thanks again for getting the ball rolling with me Gabi.
Kind Regards
David Carter

Both Ren and I wanted you to know how thrilled we are with Gabi. We feel very fortunate to have found a bright spot in this otherwise somewhat depressing experience. Gabi professionalism and enthusiasm are just what Ren needs to keep pushing to make the most out of the time he has to spend with her.

Many thanks to you for making the connection for us.


Hi Tom
Just a quick email to say thanks for putting me in touch with Gabi Pasztor. Lovely lady. Makes my physio sessions fun & something to look forward to. I have now had my assessment & first proper session. She works me hard but I have every confidence that this will lead to much improved functionality. She is very good at explaining things in terms that I can understand & she isntbshort of I deas for developing a  personal therapy programme to suit my condition. She has furnished me with much written information about her methods including a loan of your very own manual.its an exercise in itself just lifting it! ( only joking!). You should make an accompanying DVD! Thanks again for all of your help & hopefully I will be able to report significant progress soon.
Kind Regards.

I had surgery in January 2016 for a brain aneurism and was in hospital for six months recovering. I have residual left sided hemiparesis. I was introduced to Gabbi Pasztor by Tom Balchin at an ARNI introduction evening and have been working with her for five months now. Gabbi visits me at home twice a week for an hour. I have seen a lot of progress following the functional exercises she does with me. I am more confident and optimistic about my recovery since we started working together. Gabbi always knows how to get the best out of me on the day. She is extremely patient, kind and always professional. I always look forward to her visits and cannot recommend ARNI and Gabbi highly enough. She is amazing!