Pásztor Gabriella

Specialist Physiotherapist for Stroke and Neurological conditions and MDT McKenzie Therapist.

ARNI Therapy
I was introduced to the ARNI method and team in London and I am now a therapist for the organization as a Senior ARNI Instructor. I am the International Coordinator and Instructor of the ARNI Institute. As a physiotherapist I consider the ARNI method to be very effective and an excellent form of rehabilitation. Many of my patients are now physically independent, they gain self-confidence by learning the method. I have achieved my Senior instructor position with 25 years of professional experience, with continuous learning and application of my knowledge in the field. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be the sole representative of this method. I am honored to introduce, apply, and teach thismethod; which has now been practised in London for over 17 years. It gives me great happiness to be able to help stroke survivors.  My experience over the years, my 3 diplomas, and 18 various postgraduate courses allows me to prove the success rate of the ARNI method within a short period of time.
As a physiotherapist, I see a great necessity for functional therapy options, so that patients can return to their daily active life and to have them gain back their once lost independence.

McKenzie Therapy - Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)
With 20+ years of experience as a registered physiotherapist, I can apply the McKenzie method to patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. I am certified in the McKenzie A,B,C,D and E, courses. As a McKenzie therapist, I will evaluate, treat, and
create a preventative maintenance course of action. My goals for your therapy are: reducing pain, centralization of symptoms, and a complete recovery from pain. I will create a specialized personal programme which will include education, encouragement, an exercise programme, and self-care treatment. It is important to understand that in the beginning of the therapy you may incurred additional pain; however, after repetitions the pain will decrease. It is important to continue your independent” in home therapy” programme which I will outlined for you. The MDT programme refers primarily on self - treatment. However, if additional therapy is required; I am available for further assistance.
2008.Perineal Muscle Exercise Handbook” National publication, Phytotec Hungária Kft

2012-2013. President, Hungarian Community Group, HANA, Hull, Yorkshire, UK
2014-2016. Rotary Club, Merseyside
2016. Rotary Club Finchley, London

2013. ARNI Institute Associate/ for Stroke Survivors / London, UK
2014. MIRMT / Member of the International Register of Massage Therapists, London.
2017. NRPT / Member of the National Register of Personal Trainer London.

2011 - Lava Stone Body Massage and Chakra therapy, Theory and Practice, Essere Hungary Ltd., Massage Theory, Practice, Specialized Postgraduate Diploma
2011 - Massage Therapy, Face-lifting Massage Therapy, Essere Hungary Kft, Massage Theory, Practice, Specialized Postgraduate Diploma
2009 - Modern Scoliosis Therapy, Scoliosis Diagnosis, according to the Schroth method, Viszen International Health Care Center, theory, practice, Specialized Postgraduate Diploma
2009 - Lymphoedema Drainge Treatment Theory, Practice Theory and Practice: physiology, anatomy, lymph drainage, Euro Medica Budapest Specialization Postgraduate Diploma
2005 - Mc Kenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy "E"   Spinal hernia preoperative and postoperative treatment with special therapy, Theory and Practice Mc Kenzie Institute International, Specialized Postgraduate Diploma
2004 - Wellness consultant, wellness fitness manager, healthcare, lifestyle counseling, project planning, management planning, program packages, management of staff, motivation of staff, conflict management, health tourism, competition analysis, wellness marketing, law, financial and economics knowledge, practical training IWI (International Wellness Institute) Postgraduate Diploma, OKJ
2003 - Mc Kenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy "D" Mc Kenzie Institute International Budapest, Specialization Postgraduate Diploma
2002 - Rehabilitation of incontinence, physiotherapeutic treatment, anatomy, gynecology, urology. Physiotherapy I. Physiotherapy clinic. Budapest, Specialized Postgraduate Diploma
2001 - Fit-ball training Basic Specialization Postgraduate Diploma
1996 – 1997 - Mc Kenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy "A, B, C" Mc Kenzie Institute International, Budapest, Specialized Graduate Diploma
1995 – 1998 - Physiotherapist SOTE University of Health Sciences, with Honors. Practicing for nearly 10 years at the University of Debrecen's Physiotherapy
1991 – 1993 - Physiotherapist, Hungarian University of Physical Education, Budapest, Diploma
1981 – 1985 - Biology and Physician Education Teacher  Bessenyei György Teacher Training College, Nyíregyháza, Diploma